Safety redesigned.

Pinc is a secure and anonymous passwords manager for iOS.
Designed for storing short passwords and pin codes.

Most loved features:

  • No sign up needed
  • iCloud sync & backup
  • Biometric authorization
  • Pattern reminder
  • Aesthetic and smooth design
Free Download. No Signup Required.

How does it work?

Let's take an example. We need to store a four digits code.
It could be a pin code for a credit card. Like 5123.
Here is an empty matrix.
The pin code will be stored in there.
To store the pin code choose a pattern.
In the example the pattern is "Z" shape. Right where the digits are.
When saved, the rest of the matrix is filled with random numbers. This way the pin code is impossible to find out without knowing the pattern.
Still not sure? Try it out with a step-by-step instruction in the app.
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